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The Nomads Outdoors Group Inc.
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The Nomads at Midsumma Pride March

Sun, 6 Feb 2022
09:00 - 16:00

Gather your friends together, and your Nomads polo shirt, and head along to Fitzroy St, St Kilda to march with The Nomads in the annual Midsumma Pride March.

GRADE |  TYPE: Easy, social. 

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Midsumma Pride March in 2022 will still have a few COVID-19 hoops to clamber through, but should be less restrictive than in 2021. It will be occurring as a physical march on 6 February, and the general public should be permitted to attend this time. 

The best view of the parade is always from within it, so register via Get Tickets to join The Nomads in marching proudly down Fitzroy Street. See midsumma.org.au closer to the date for comprehensive details.

BOOKING: By Friday 4th February. To register, click on Get Tickets.

MEETING TIME | LOCATION: probably 9:30am - we will be notified of our assembly time closer to the event | Ian Johnson Oval, Fitzroy St, St Kilda.

MAP REFERENCE: Melway map 2P grid B3 | Google map goo.gl/maps/rNZFmL1Pz16aCqD18.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 12 to stop 143 | tram 96 to stop 132 | any St Kilda Rd tram to stop 30 (these tram stops will be serviced even while the march is proceeding).

LEADER: Garry O. | Email LeaderGarryO.thenomadsinc@mail.tidyhq.com if you have any questions.
Members can access leader contact details under Members | Leader Contacts when logged in to the website.

Image: Zack M.



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Ian Johnson Oval
St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

PO Box 56, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 8009, Australia